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Inès Benaroya, Josselin Bordat, Olivia Chambard, Alain Deneault, Alice McDermott ... brief reviews of the "World of Books"

Roman."Quadrille", by Inès Benaroya

A few years after "it" took place, Ariane and her two children no longer speak of it, never venture to mention the memory of the summer in Greece which rocked their family.This silence is one of the conditions of their apparent tranquility.But a surprise weekend with her new companion on the island where "it" happened leads Ariane to let memories flow: the meeting with the Sainte-Rose, the influence that the members of this family began to exercise that of Ariadne and her then husband… In her fourth novel, Inès Benaroya handles with the same elegance the suspense of her story and the deployment of her precise sentences, also just in the analysis a posteriori of the feelings only in the establishment of an atmosphere of dream or nightmare.One can judge supernumerary the addition in the plot of another story of ascendant, but Quadrille is a novel which leaves powerful images on the retina of the reader.

“Quadrille”, by Inès Benaroya, Fayard, 290 p., € 19, digital € 14.

Dictionary."Address book of some fictional characters from literature", by Didier Blonde

At 12, already writing lists, he discovered that one of Arsène Lupine's many addresses was almost his! From this revelation dates Didier Blonde's taste for investigation, of which, like a "love watcher", he knows how to deploy the romantic character.After his haunting investigation of Leïlah Mahi 1932 (Gallimard, 2015), the beautiful dead of Père-Lachaise , he crosses Paris, drawing up the "cartography of a parallel world haunted by ghosts".In this augmented re-edition of Address Book, he follows in the footsteps of Artagnan, Rastignac, Swann, Fantômas ...Fine bloodhound like Maigret, he makes scoutings on the ground.And like a detective of Modiano, he sees in the directories "the most precious and the most moving library".A delicious dictionary to browse and savor, where each of the addresses can spark endless dreams..Pn

Posted Date: 2020-06-27

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